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IT staffing provides businesses with highly skilled professionals who can manage technological infrastructure, projects, and innovate through the latest tools and frameworks.

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Scale up (and down) your IT team on-demand.

On-demand IT staffing.

IT staffing has numerous benefits for companies, including access to specialized skills, increased productivity, and cost-effectiveness. It allows companies to scale their workforce according to their business needs and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Specialized Skills

Examples of IT staff specializations include cybersecurity professionals, software developers, network administrators, database administrators, systems analysts, project managers, technical support specialists, and quality assurance testers.


IT staffing leads to productivity as it ensures that the right people with the necessary technical expertise and experience are in place to manage and maintain IT infrastructure and systems, allowing for quick and efficient problem-solving.


IT staffing can be extremely cost-effective as having the right IT staff can improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce downtime, prevent costly errors or breaches and ultimately contribute to the success of the business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in Managed IT Services, which includes a number of related services such as cybersecurity, cloud, IT staffing, compliance and more. Get in touch with us today and let us put together a customized plan for the unique needs of your business.

Our corporate headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, like many organizations of today, we have employees and contractors located across the US and internationally.

Because many IT services are uniform across industries, we are able to serve almost any business in almost any industry. However, we specialize in B2B service organizations as well as eCommerce.

This depends on the unique needs of each client. We certainly have clients who use us to cover their entire IT function. And we also have clients who use us to support and augment their existing IT team.

There are certainly a lot of Managed IT Service Providers for you to select from. We tend to be the best fit for businesses who are looking for an affordable, friendly, and reliable IT partner, who will scale up and down as IT demands fluctuate.

Our software expertise is quite expansive due to our network of international contractors. Whether you need help with ERP, accounting, eCommerce, lift and shift, on-prem and cloud, or anything in between, we are usually able to offer IT support.

We have two pricing models. The first is our monthly retainer model, which is meant for anyone that wants to establish an ongoing IT service relationship with us. The second model is our project-based pricing, which is meant for those clients who just need us to provide assistance on a defined scope for a defined period of time.

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Andy Cheshire, CTO, BE-LOQI

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